Democratic Republic of the Congo arsenal explosion

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Published: 30th July 2012
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Xinhua Brazzaville, March 4 (Xinhua WANG Min-jie Han Bing) Congo (Brazzaville) in Brazzaville, the capital of an ammunition depot exploded, resulting in 206 deaths, thousands injured, which, according to the Chinese Embassy in CongoEmbassy of the (Brazzaville), confirmed that six Chinese workers killed in the explosion.Chinese workers were killed 6 of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville): ammunition depot explosion Source: Oriental broadband part: Oriental afternoon newsAccording to the Army hospital in Brazzaville morgue and Congo (Brazzaville), they received a rescue team of 136 and 70 dead bodies.Xinhua reporter visited Brazzaville, Central Hospital to see, not enough health care workers, doctors can only pick the seriously injured to emergency surgery. Democratic Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville) President Denis Sassou – Nguesso day 16 am a special trip to the hospital to visit the wounded and the families of the victims.The ammunition depot explosion occurred at 8 o’clock local time on the 4th. The reporter saw, Brazzaville, over filled with smoke after the explosion. The explosion spread to the surrounding houses and streets, many buildings, shattered windows, and many houses collapsed, the car parked on the street, shattered windows, some of the car body deformation. City communications, transportation paralyzed. ball mill making chrome for sale
After the explosion, once the situation is unknown, causing a panic.Democratic Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville), the Office of the President is responsible for defense affairs Minister Charles Zacharie · Bowa Ao delivered a televised speech, called on people to remain calm after the explosion. He said that the explosion of the ammunition depot on fire cause. Rescue workers are fully fire, and avoid re-explosion.When the explosion occurred about 140 workers, the Beijing Construction Engineering Group is near the construction site. Chinese Ambassador to Congo (Brazzaville), Embassy Political Counselor Duan Jin Zhu told Xinhua confirmed, six Chinese workers have been killed in the explosion, dozens of workers were injured. Currently, injured workers have been dispersed sent to various hospitals, Chinese medical team is also actively involved in treatment. In addition, Huawei in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville) office where the dormitory was severely damaged, but no personnel casualties.Chinese Ambassador to Congo (Brazzaville), the Embassy has the first time after the explosion launched the emergency mechanism, vertical mill for chrome for sale.
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